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Lice Clinics of Birmingham is conveniently located near you in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. We offer natural, safe, and effective treatment options for children and patients of all ages. Head lice are becoming highly resistant to over the counter treatments. These so-called super lice require a totally different protocol to ensure complete removal. We offer specialized treatments to deal with head lice and get you back to your everyday life.



The process of removing lice begins with a thorough screening of the patient and anyone else in the household who may be affected. This careful screening will detect any presence of head lice, no matter how small. This screening will determine whether or not the patient has lice.


If lice are found, the lice removal technician will report the extent of the infestation. This step informs the patient of the severity of the problem so that the patient is aware of how easy or difficult it will be to eliminate the lice.


At this stage, your technician will create a treatment plan to get rid of the lice. There are multiple treatment options available, based on the severity of the lice infestation and your budget.

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Screening for Head Lice, Full FloSonix Treatment, Full Treatment, Lice Removal and Prevention, Lice/Nit Removal (Comb-Out), Oil Treatment

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